Best Back Brushes for Shower -

Best Back Brushes for Shower

If you are planning to scrub off all the dirt and dead skins on your back, you will need a brush that is stiff, but soft. You'd also need a brush that softens your skin and promotes blood circulation Back brushes are mainly needed to clean all the parts of our bodies that are otherwise difficult to reach. While such shower brushes may look like simple tools, they take your showering experience to a new level of hygiene. 

Best Back Brushes for Shower in 2021

To make sure your skin is squeaky clean, smooth, and fresh, you would have to invest in the best back brush for a shower, and we have prepared a comprehensive review of the most durable and easy to use options available. 




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Redecker Natural Pig Bristle Bath Brush

  • Dimension: 15.75 inches
  • Handcrafted
  • Natural and stiff pig bristle brush
  • Dual use as scrubber
  • High quality olivewood construction

Metene Shower Brush

  • Double sided brush 
  • Dimension: 40 cm 
  • Use for wet or dry shower
  • Natural, stiff bristle on one side 
  • Nylon material bristle on another side 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

  • Dry, natural boar bristles
  • Elongated and removable handle 
  • Soft face brush included 
  • Gloves included for exfoliation

TopNotch Long Handle Brush

  • Dry and wet shower suitable
  • Polypropylene plastic construction
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Different colors available
  • 14 inches long and angled handle

Body Brush with Long Bamboo Handle 

  • All-natural boar bristles
  • Elongated bamboo handle 
  • Triple use as scrubber, massager, and brush 
  • Detachable design 
  • Looped cord included

1. Redecker Natural Pig Bristle Bath Brush

Redecker has made its name and fame in the industry of naturally curated products. The back brush, made with all-natural pig bristle is one of the most popular scrubbers plus brush available in the market. 

Although there are some complaints of the bristles being too stiff, it is the very nature of the bristles that successfully rub off every layer of dirt and dead cells off your back. 

Moreover, the conveniently long design is highly multifunctional as you can slide open the assembly to use it as a scrubber, with the help of the belt. These convertible features further help in making it super easy to clean and wash the brush. All you'd need is a mixture of soap water and warm water.

What we like most about this brush is its water-resistant waxed coating on the surface that repels any water coming in contact with the brush, hence enhancing the longevity of this brush to many more years than any standard brushes. 


  • Very easy to clean
  • Versatile use
  • Water resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Made with natural materials


  • Pig bristles may be too firm

2. Metene Shower Brush

Best Back Brushes for Shower

One of our favorite picks in the slant of best back brushes for shower is Metene’s shower brush made with natural, rigid bristles on one side and soft nylon bristles on the other side. 

This makes the back brush supreme for deep exfoliation as well as a shallow clean, especially for people who are more prone to getting rashes or burns from hard scrubbing as they have more sensitive skin. 

Whether you want to use it in the shower, or before it, the brush will completely remove grime and dead skin, promoting healthy blood circulation on your body, and leaving your skin smoother than you would expect. 

Furthermore, the handle is long enough for you to reach back deeper, without having to interchange your hand a lot. It can also be used by and for children. 


  • Multipurpose use
  • Stiff and soft bristles
  • Can be used by children
  • Sensitive skin safe
  • Gives smoothing result on skin


  • May be difficult to clean

3. Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

Best Back Brushes for Shower

The premium body brushing set comes in a pack of 3 items: a dry brush, face brush, and gloves. The dry brush with a long handle allows you to effortlessly reach all corners of your back and other parts of the body to scrub off rough skin and accumulated filth where our hands can’t usually reach. 

The dry brush has tough bristles to encourage better circulation of the blood as well. On the contrary, the face brush is shorter, with softer bristles. This is to allow you to clean off the softer skins, and with a short brush like this, you can control the pressure you apply for each scrub.

Customers love the gloves that come with the brushes, as it effectively allows one to massage and exfoliate the body using physical scrubs before or during shower time.

As the product claims, it rejuvenates the body's skin, eliminating the dead skin cells, without destroying the barrier of new cells to grow. If you want a full spa experience, this set is a must-have for a proper pore cleaning experience. 


  • Rejuvenates and softens skin
  • Spa experience
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Bristles don’t hurt on skin
  • The intensity of cleaning can be controlled


  • Replacement parts are not available

4. TopNotch Long Handle Brush

Best Back Brushes for Shower

It is often a concern for people with sensitive skin that the skincare product or accessory they use might severely irritate their skins. Shower brushes are usually harsh in nature and have stiff bristles that cannot be used on sensitive skin. TopNotch has designed a back brush, keeping in mind the exfoliating needs of people with delicate skins.

Unlike naturally made brushes, this back scrubber is made with resistant polypropylene plastic that is both durable and soft and includes mild bristles. We especially consider this product one of the best back brushes for shower because of its simplistic yet effective design.

The long handle allows you to reach more with less mobility, while the slightly curved bearing makes it uncomplicated to reach corners, especially of the back body or shoulders.

Besides, you can clean the brush within minutes with just warm water and soap solution. To finish off the cleaning, simply dry it by hanging it by a rope or cable. 


  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable construction
  • Soft plastic bristles
  • Great for other parts of the body


  • Feels rough during initial use

5. Thetis Body Brush

Best Back Brushes for Shower

If you are looking for a brush that would deeply clean and scrub off the layers of your dead skin while improving blood circulation and the lymphatic system, this long handle bamboo brush is what you may want to consider spending on.

The waste-free product is specially designed to perform scrubbing on those hard-to-reach parts of your body or legs. That is precisely why the bamboo handle is 15.7 inches long, making the overall brush quite a considerable size.

One of the stellar features of this shower back brush is its moisture resistant properties. The brush is soft but enduring, and the handle is indestructible. Although the handle is flexible, it would not swell or bend under too much pressure. 

Although there have been a few criticisms about the brush being loosely attached to the handle, others have had it for years. 

The handle is where the company has put creativity into, making the bamboo handle flexible, separable, as well as, portable. It's easy to clean as well, but what makes it different is the attached loop cord at the end that can be hung to dry after every washing session. 


  • Water resistant
  • Sturdy and long handle
  • Easy to clean and hang
  • Easy to remove handle
  • Multipurpose use


  • Mold issue may occur

Best Back Brushes for Shower- Buying Guide

Since there are numerous back brushes for shower that are available, it may get confusing to make the right decision. Before jumping on to the detailed features of each product, here are a few factors you may want to keep in mind.


The durability of the shower brush greatly depends on the handle of the brush. A natural bamboo or wooden handle brush with rubbered patches is a great choice, both in terms of grip and longevity. 

The length of the brush handle is equally important. Consider buying handles that are long, so that when you want to reach the lower parts of your back, you would be able to do it easily. 


Water-resistant coating on the handle would mean your brush would not absorb any water during the shower session, increasing its lasting years. 


Depending on what kind of scrubbing you want, go for stiff or soft bristle. We would suggest that a versatile brush with dual sided brush is a great option.

One side is usually stiff, which is ideal for a stern and thorough scrubbing. While the other side bristles are softer. These are the ones you may want if you have sensitive skin. 

Ease of Cleaning

This is one of the most important factors to be considered as you will have to clean your brush every time you use it. A lot of back brushes come with a looped cable at the end of the handle for easy drying.

Final Thoughts

Even if you shower daily, there will be one to two days in a week, when you'd want to cleanse off every inch of dirt and dead skin off your body. You would particularly want to clean the back, where your hands have a difficult time reaching. For such a spa kind experience, choose wisely and select the best back brush for shower that we have reviewed in detail.

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