Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

One of the most critical parts of parenting is feeding your child. Selecting what to feed your baby is not really that difficult at first. You do not have many options to choose from, as your child cannot eat solid foods yet. A liquid only diet means that you will need something in order to ease your child into consuming the food. You can easily feed your child with a baby spoon, but this can take up a lot of time. This is why rice cereal feeding bottles make it a lot easier.  So, here we have the best bottles for rice cereal for infants.

The Best Bottles for Rice Cereal in 2021

There are a lot of options to choose from. To make it easier for you, we did the research and came up with the best bottles for rice cereal in the market.




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The Best Bottles for Rice Cereal in 2021

Slow Flow nipple ideal for newborns and up

Anti-colic nipple ensures that there is less discomfort for the child

Feeding bottle is shaped to adjust for babies who are breastfed

The Best Bottles for Rice Cereal in 2021

Plunger inside the bottle is able to push the food towards the filter for convenience

Lid on the top prevents from any leakage with rubber padding

Vacuum disk is able to prevent ingestion of air

Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

Safety filter ensures that the child is not at risk of choking on food or water

Lightweight and very easy to clean and use

Large container, mitigates the need to refill it too many times.

Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

Angled shape, to reduce any difficulties when holding bottle against baby’s mouth

Easy to hold and easy to clean, no hassles

Venting system makes sure that the bubbles inside stay minimal

Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

Made to reduce the most common feeding issues, including gas and reflux

Air Free vents make sure that the nipple stays full of liquid and not air

Flow rates are available for you in different ranges

Bottle and stand up technique that prevents it from falling from mild pushes

Bottle made from silicone which is baby food grade

Tight seal neck to ensure that there is not spilling

Makes the lives of parents easier with ease of use

Easy to clean and disinfect, no additional maintenance

Natural silica gel is food grade and BPA free

The Best Bottles for Rice Cereal in 2021

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle is a rice cereal feeder bottle of pure quality. If you are looking to give a gift to someone who has recently had children, this can be a fantastic product for them too.

This is a durable baby feeder with a soft silicone nipple, for soft and flexible experience for the baby. The Closer to Nature is guaranteed to be loved by newborns and infants.

Making feeding is easier for both the parent and the child, and over 92% of the children this is sampled by gave a positive result. Are you worried about cleaning? This one is very easy to clean as there are no unnecessary nooks and crannies that are hard to get into. 


  • Anti-colic valve ensures that excessive air flow is blocked, for best results
  • 97% of the mothers who have used this on their children recommend it
  • Feeder nipple feels soft and natural, very easy for the baby to adjust with


  • Air flow control deteriorates fairly fast with time, not consistent enough

2. Best Bottles for Rice Cereal: Sassy Baby Food Nurser – Best for the Design

The Best Bottles for Rice Cereal in 2021

If your baby is still not ready to be spoon fed, look no further than the Sassy Baby Food Nurser. This bottle for rice cereal can be used without worry to feed your child. Simply make the rice cereal solution or formula, and insert into the bottle.

The bottle has an anti-air mechanism that prevents from air bubbles forming when the baby is being fed. This prevents air from entering the baby’s mouth and potentially causing trouble. This BPA free bottle set comes in a pair of two for the best experience for you and your child.


  • Silicone nipple for longevity and to avoid issues when the baby is being fed
  • Easy to clean, design makes it durable and hassle free when washing it
  • Vacuum disc ensures that air stays out and prevents the nozzle clogging


  • Bottom clogs with food and is problematic if the baby is fed continuously
Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

The Termichy Baby Food Feeder is great for rice cereal. It ships as a set with spare nipples and accessories to better the experience for you and your child. The bottles are made from high quality food grade silicone.

The silicone also happens to be non-toxic, free of BPA and sterilize safe. With easy cleaning and washing, you can get this feeder for feeding your child rice cereal, puree or milk.

The anti-lost and anti-leak design is engineered to make sure the bottle does not leak when used under heavy duty situations, such as when being dropped. Get this if you are willing to reduce the stress on yourself when feeding your baby!


  • Large capacity to make sure that you do not need refilling too often
  • Squeeze design is effectively made to make sure air does not collect
  • Strong sealing to prevent any kind of leakage or spilling during feeding


  • Problematic when tried with more thicker liquids; does not let solids pass
Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

Evenflo Feeding Angled Premium bottles are a unique solution to all your problems with baby feeding. These bottles have been crafted with both you and the baby in mind.

The soft silicone makes for a convenient and comfortable experience when feeding the baby. It also restricts from any air bubbles entering your baby’s stomach.

The uniqueness of this bottle lies in the angle of the head of the bottle. It makes for an easier experience for the person feeding and the child being fed. Fill this up with rice cereal or baby food and feed your child without worry.


  • Angled shape ensures that baby is comfortable when being fed liquids
  • Venting of premium quality, does not allow any air to stay in the bottle
  • Easy to clean and easy to hold, simple shape makes bottle accessible


  • Nipple hole does not allow liquids to go through it if they are slightly thick

5. Best Bottles for Rice Cereal: Philips Avent – Best for Versatility

Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

If you are looking to feed your baby properly without any hassle, look no further. Phillips brings you the Avent Rice Cereal bottle, which makes baby feeding easier.

The nipple is designed to remain full at all times and ensures that no air is remaining present. Reflux, digestion and feeding is made safer for the child through this.

Nipples with different flow rates are also available, to allow 0, 1, 3 and 6 milliliters per suck. You can therefore adjust this to the thickness you will be feeding your child. Rice cereal would require bigger flow rates than milk, while milk will need bigger flow rate than water.


  • Reduces the most commonly encountered feeding issues like gas and reflux
  • Air Free vent is easy to clean and ensures air does not collect when feeding
  • Ranges of air flow rates are available for different liquids to feed the child


  • Venting is not always effective; air can collect every sometimes atrandom

The Rice Cereal baby feeder by Baby Mate is one of the best products out there for your child. If you are trying to get your baby to feed on some baby food or rice cereal, look no further than this.

The bottle can stand upright on a table without any hassle and has a tight seal neck. This tight seal prevents any leakage even after shaking the bottle in full force.

The silicone that the bottle nipple is made from is soft and made to make the baby feel comfortable. It is also completely free of BPA, lead, PVC and any other toxins that may harm your child’s stomach.


  • 120 milliliters is large for a capacity, does not require you to refill constantly
  • Tight sealing of the mouth prevents any leakage or spilling of the liquid
  • Material used to make this product is food grade tested and therefore safe


  • Not suitable for some specific formulae, it can collect an unpleasant smell

Gaodear brings you the Squeeze Cereal Feeding bottle for ages 4 months and above. It makes feeding babies much easier than with a spoon, and even more so for a fussy child.

Bottle is made of food grade silicone, which is free of toxins such as BPA, PVC and therefore safe. Unlike a lot of other competitor bottles, this can stand upright without any hassle and also preventing risk of spilling easily.

The cap has a tight seal that prevents any leakage even during travel. It is recommended to clean the bottle before usage for best results.


  • Silicone bottle makes it safe for baby’s usage as it is free from toxins
  • Tight sealed cap prevents any leakage or spilling upon any mishaps
  • Bottle is easy to clean and use, hassle free after a feeding session for child


  • Bottle’s flow rate of liquid is too fast depending upon thickness of liquid

Buying Guide

As this will be a means to feed your baby, it can be daunting to choose a product for them without knowing what to look for. Here are just some of the factors you must consider before purchasing a rice cereal bottle. 


Rice cereal bottles are usually available in plastic or glass bottles. Traditionally, they work well because they are clear of any chemicals and have less wear and tear.

However, they are also prone to being broken and usually will cost you more than plastic. Plastic bottles do not break as easily, nor are they expensive. At the same time, they have chemicals, which may make a parent skeptical. You can start testing

Bottle Nipple Material

Silicone and Latex are the two most widely used materials for manufacturing rice cereal bottle nipples. Bottles with latex nipples are softer and more flexible, but they are also therefore weaker.

Bottles with silicone nipples make for less flexibility. However, they are also more resistant to heat and last longer. Silicone nipples are also more prone for bacteria and infections. 

Bottle Nipple Size

Most bottle nipples ship with an age indicator. This can be used as a rough guide, although it may not be very accurate in all cases.

If they end up being too small, it can be tiring for the baby to be able to get ample amounts of food from it. Too large and you risk possibly choking them from over pouring. 

Final Thoughts

Baby products are a sensitive one, as they must be safe for your child to use. Rice cereal can be consumed by a child, but it is made much easier with bottles specialized for this purpose.

All the bottles on this list are BPA free, prevent air collection and happen to be fairly durable. If you have a child in your life or someone close to you, you can get any of the bottles on this list for them.

It can be both as a gift, and as a way to introduce them to feeding their child rice cereal, in case they do not. We hope you have found this article helpful, and the suggestions serve you well.

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