Best Electric Snow Shovels -

Best Electric Snow Shovels

It's lovely to have a fluffy blanket of sparkling snow on the ground—until you realize you have to clear the pavement and your driveway before getting to work. Although a conventional snow shovel will get the job done, it can be quite time-consuming and requires a lot of hard work.

The tools that will help you save time and energy by eliminating the need for heavy lifting are some electric snow shovels with good power. These electric snow shovels are worth a look if you want to make your chores easier this winter and come in quite handy. Continue reading this article to learn more about what features best electric snow shovels come with and why these picks would be the best of their category.

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Electric Snow Shovels Buying Guide

An electric snow shovel is a combination between a traditional manual shovel and a bigger, more efficient snow blower. An electric snow shovel's handle looks similar to a conventional snow shovel's handle, and this is the main similarity that these two types of shovels have.

Electric snow shovels have a wide single or double rotating blade that gathers up snow and throws it all out of the way when you drive it over an asphalt surface, rather than a scoop blade. While an electric snow shovel requires less physical work than a conventional shovel, it still requires some pushing.

Electric snow shovels, unlike the snow blowers, cannot usually be set in motion on its own. They are used to clear snows form stairs, sidewalks, patios and decks.

The electric snow shovels are a less costly choice, costing somewhere between 50 and 90 dollars, whereas snow blowers are quite bulky and will cost more than 1500 dollars. 

Let us look at what types of electric snow shovels are there in market. They usually come with both cords and cordless and each type comes with their own set of advantages and drawbacks. 


Electric snow shovels with a cord have instant clearing control. You can simply plug the cable into an electrical socket. An electric model with cords could be preferable for those who do not wish to wait for the battery to get charged, which may take several hours, before shoveling snow.

Corded versions, for instance, restrict the scope to extend the cable for longer distance. They can usually cover about 50 to 100 feet. 


Electric snow shovels that are cordless contain lithium ion batteries that can be rechargeable and last up to 20 to 50 minutes when charged once. When it comes to clearing snow in areas where there isn't an outlet, snow shovels which are battery powered have a distinct advantage against corded ones.

Another benefit with these types of snow shovels is that you just won't be dragging a rope behind you all the time. If you have to clear a lot of snow, you might want to take a break to put the battery on charge before continuing. 

Let’s take a look at what are the features you should know about before getting your electric snow shovel.


Electric snow shovels weigh between 10 and 16 pounds and are relatively light. This is important because electric snow shovels are not self-propelled. The shovel must be driven and pushed around the field.

The right kind of snow shovel would be the ones that are light enough for you to drive quickly with ease but sturdy enough to dig through heavy snow rather than just skimming the floor. 

Clearing Area

The area of the intake container, its height and weight determine how much snow can be removed by the shovel.

The actual depth of the snow that the system may clear is determined by the height of the container that carries the cleared snow. The height is usually about 4 inches to 8 inches. So make sure you choose an electric shovel that has an intake container deep enough to be able match with the average snowfall in your city.

Some manufacturers say that electric snow shovels can make several passes through deeper snow. However, since these machines are intended to stay on a plane surface, they can sink into soft snow. Instead of clearing snow from your lane, this would simply drive it over the machine. 


Electric snow shovels operate in a similar way to snow blowers for more strength. Usually one or two blades are used in the horizontal auger. The auger spins quickly, the blades vacuum up snow, which is then blown away from the exhaust chute. Shovels with one or two blades will do the job. The one with double blades on the other hand, can clear up snow more easily. 

Cord Length

A corded electric shovel normally has cords of 6 feet long. However, you can't just plug them into a wall socket. You'll need to buy a 12 to 14 gauge separate extension cord depending on owner's manual. 

Battery Life

With charging only once, most lithium batteries can last for about 20 to 60 minutes. Snow shovels powered by batteries of 40 volt can last roughly two times as long as those shovel that are powered by batteries of 24 volt. By purchasing a second battery you get to extend the lifespan if your first battery wears out before getting your work done. 

Best Electric Snow Shovels in 2021




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Best Electric Snow Shovels

Snow Joe iON13SS

The uses of this snow shovel are versatile

Suitable for using on stairs, decks, patios, as well as sidewalks, for a quick and simple snow removal

Comes with a 4. 0 Ah rechargeable battery of 40 V

There are no pull strings, no petrol, no gasoline, no greenhouse emissions and no twisted extension cords

Comes with a two bladed auger that can dig up snow of about 25 ft

Has a lightweight construction and a handle that can be adjusted

Best Electric Snow Shovels

Snow Joe 324E

It is quite adaptable to any type of snowy weather

Great for clearing snow form stairs, decks, sidewalks and patios

The motor of 10 amp can shift up almost 300 pounds of snow every minute

For each pass, a double bladed paddle auger can slice 6 inches deep and 11 inches width of snow

It comes with a handle that can be adjusted to reduce user pressure

Contains an LED light of 2 W, so that it is easier to shovel snow at any time of the day and night

Best Electric Snow Shovels

Greenworks 8 Amp

Simple to use

Effortless electric start with a click of a button

Lightweight and can be used in clearing narrow areas

It has a 12-inch clearance depth, making it easier to manage

Comes with an auxiliary handle that can be adjusted and adds convenience and power

About 300 lbs of snow can be cleared every minute

Can discharge snow up to 20 feet


Best Electric Snow Shovels

Greenworks G-MAX

Powerful and lightweight, makes moving snow out of the way a breeze

The shoveling width is of 12 inches

Best for shoveling snow depth of 6.34 feet

Use a battery that has been kept in room temperature for optimum efficiency

Best Electric Snow Shovels

Earthwise SN70016

This snow shovel has a motor of 12 amp, that can shift uo 430 pounds of snow per minute

The strength of this shovel is equal to that of a gas powered shovel

Clearing width is of 16 inches, and clearing depth is of 8 inches

Can throw snow up to 3 feet

For effective snow cleaning, use a snow clean unit

Comes with rear wheels of 6 inches for fast transport and use

Contains an auxiliary handle, rear wheels, cord retaining hook and a dual auger blade

1.  Snow Joe iON13SS- Best Electric Snow Shovels

Best Electric Snow Shovels

With a clearing width of 13 inches, the Snow Joe iON13SS has to be the most strong cordless electric snow shovel on the list, and you'll be able to blast through fresh snow in less time. It can run for about 52 minutes from a single charge that allows the two bladed paddle to clear your stairs, patios, walkways and porches of snow quickly.


  • Does not require separate cords
  • No need for maintenance
  • Can be used on the rooflines
  • It performs well and with ease on wet and heavy snow


  • Battery life is limited
  • Might throw rocks while shoveling
  • Just throws snow in one direction only

2.  Snow Joe 324E- Best Electric Snow Shovels

Best Electric Snow Shovels

The Snow Joe 324E is indeed a strong, easy-to-use snow shoveler that works well on hard decks along with other flat surfaces. Although the battery life for this tool will not be a problem, you might still want to invest in an extension cord so that you can reach every corner of your house.

This electric shovel can pass up snow up to 300 lbs. per minute thanks to its engine of 10 amp. If you are using it on fresh snow, it can disperse snow about 20 feet away.


  • Does not require a cord
  • Battery is included in the package
  • Discharges snow far away


  • Throws away snow only straight forward

3. Greenworks 8 Amp- Best Electric Snow Shovels

Best Electric Snow Shovels

With a cutting width of 12 inches and a cutting depth of 6 inches, the Greenworks snow shovel is known to be an efficient and reliable choice as a lighter electric shovel. The double paddled augers aid in propelling this 14 pound machine forward, allowing to clear snow with ease and without stress.

It glides effortlessly across rocky decks, or stairs making it suitable for narrower spaces. The quick start press, although restricted by cord length along with outlet usability, allows it to be a handy option for starting work whenever you're ready without needing to remove any cords.


  • Multiple models are available
  • The brushless motor is durable
  • Easy to put the parts together


  • Can be a bit bulky

4. Greenworks G-MAX- Best Electric Snow Shovels

Best Electric Snow Shovels

Next in the list we have another model from the Greenworks brand. The G-Max of Greenworks comes with a lithium battery of 40 V that reduces the need for a power cord while using the unit. Charger and a battery are also included and they can be operated with other power equipment of GreenWorks.

Narrow areas with short walkways, close corners will benefit from the cordless snow shovel. It's a perfect introductory kit because it contains a charger and batteries.


  • If required, it is easy to lift when working
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put the parts together
  • Powerful and duarble


  • If battery temperature is very low, the shovel cannot start properly
  • Throws snow in one direction
  • Throws the snow higher that might end up on the machine itself

5. Earthwise SN70016- Best Electric Snow Shovels

Best Electric Snow Shovels

The Earthwise shovel is the largest corded electric snow shovel in this list. It has a sweeping diameter of 16 inches, with a cutting depth of 8 inches. It can discharge snow of 430 pounds per minute and throw it about 30 feet away, despite its 16 pound weight. The tank that collects snow can be set to three different angles, allowing you to use it in a variety of situations.


  • Comes with a headlight
  • Throws snow about 20 feet away
  • Works for long period of time


  • The power cord can be short

To Conclude

While an electric snow shovel is not intended to tackle exceptionally heavy snowfall, it's a perfect way to cut the shoveling time to half while exerting relatively little physical work.

They are efficient enough to throw any snowfall you get far out of your way, leaving your decks, stairs, porches and walkways clean and dry, whether they are corded or powered by battery. Certainly, your tastes will decide your decisions, but our recommendation would be the Earthwise SN70016 Electric Snow Shovel because of its total strength and the option to select either a corded or a cordless model.

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