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Best LED Shower Heads

LED showerheads can use the water flow to create colorful lights, thanks to cutting-edge technology. There are a plethora of shades to choose from, but in most situations, the hue corresponds to the water's temperature.

LED showerheads with the latest technologies have generators that provide electricity for the LED lights as the water runs through the shower head. As a result, depending on the water temperature, the LED light system will emit a blue or red light until it has sufficient control.

Best LED Shower Heads in 2021




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Dream Spa LED Shower Head 

  • Each shower has 4 settings.
  •  Water saving mode
  • 48 elastic rub clean nozzles
  • 3 water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut

Blue Ocean 8” SH6021A shower head

  • High pressure rain providing spa relaxation
  • Rubber nozzle for easy cleaning
  • Has a swivel adopter 
  • lightweight

AquaDance Shower Head combo

  • 30 full water spray settings
  • Has antibacterial technology which ensures a clean and hygienic wash.
  • Easier to clean longer product life
  • Angle adjustable

AquaDance Total Chrome Premium Shower head

  • 3 way diverter
  • Fixed handheld shower combo
  • Has a shower hose
  • Can be used both commercially as well as in the residence

8" Inch Round Chrome LED shower head

  • Light gets activated by water pressure and also turns off automatically
  • Excellent corrosion resistant
  • Brightness is enough that requires no lighting
  • No batteries or wired required
  •  Has an added advantage of ABS chroming material

1. Dream Spa all combo 3 way LED Shower Head

It is world’s only led power changing shower head that has Chrome face. They also offer matching hand shower ad shower head that can be used together or separately. It has Boost Nozzle Technology and Air jet LED Turbo that can maximize the water pressure


  • Powered by running water and no battery
  • Colors change due to water temperature
  • Super flexible stainless steel
  • Connects in minutes
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable LED


  • Has a buzzing noise
  • Requires high maintenance

2. Blue Ocean 8” SH6021A shower head

Blue Ocean’s showerhead is indeed a luxurious shower head in North America that is regarded as the current best in the market. The company has gone through strict product inspection and quality control.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Advanced material which is ABS engineered
  • Looks stylish


  • The head is extremely big

3. Aqua Dance Shower Head

This led shower head contains antimicrobial and anti-clog high pressure 30-setting Rainfall shower capability with a micro ban nozzle protection from growth of Mold Mildew and bacteria to get a stronger shower.


  • Revolutionary 24/7 lifetime micro ban protection technology
  • Free and easy installation
  • Fits any standard shower arm
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Does not look sophisticated
  • This does not have a metal finish that usually customers want

4. AquaDance Total Chrome Premium Shower head

This product has gone through multiple testing before it was launched hence there is a guarantee of being safe and user friendly. Each shower head has 6 settings that are rain massage, power rain, power mist, water saving pause mode, pulsating massage, and rain mist. It is quite premium.


  • Easy to install without much difficulty
  • Provides warranty
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • There is an adjustable overhead bracket making it convenient to use


  • It is expensive
  • The design is not preferable by customers

5. 8" Inch Round Chrome LED shower head

 The LED shower head has contributed to sustainable environment by making the shower heads turn on and off automatically by water pressure. It gives a soothing experience


  • Lightens the whole bathroom without the need of spending on boring colored lights
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Gives multi-color effect


  •  no shower arm
  •  no shower hose
  • Slide bar not included

LED Shower Head Buying guide 

The majority of LED showerheads have a temperature sensor called a micro-controller that adjusts the color of the LED light automatically. In other words, if the water is hot, it turns red, and if the water is cold, it turns blue.

Apart from blue and red, most LED shower heads come in a range of colors. Green, for example, signifies a warm water temperature. Many units also have a safety feature that emits a flashing red LED glow if the water temperature is too high.

Before you move on to get the LED showerhead that you like the most, go through the factors that we have discussed here. You need to check these things while buying the shower heads because a number of particular requirements and measures should be taken to consideration. 

LED Shower Head Installation

The showerhead installation should be easy. It is often difficult to find technicians to install the lights. The showerheads that can be installed by one in minutes- that is considered the most preferable.

In order to install easily, a user manual is indeed essential. The user manual comes with all the rules and techniques required to carry out the installation or fitting of the shower head.

The main problem arises with the manual instructions that are there re an approximate estimation of angles given which does not match with the real scenario making it difficult to fit the shower head in proper direction.


Since the LED lights are either temperature-controlled or by battery a warranty of at least a year is necessary so that services can be provided if it gets damaged. The warranty also defines the brand value of a particular product.

This ensures that the shower heads are safe to use and is likely to cause no harm or get damage. Thus, the pricing is also varied with the years of warranty. In simpler words, prices tend to be higher when the warranty service period provided by the company is longer

LED Color Options

The shower heads which will be able to produce more shades of color are the most common choices. This is because consumers do not want to limit themselves to a set of colors. Different shower heads come up with different yet unique color changing features.

However, most of them are water temperature controlled that is when the water flowing is cold it tends to give a different hue in the water. Then again with a rise in water temperature there will be a visible color change. There are options for a rainbow color effect and even 2 color simple effects.

Looks and Design

The Showerheads should look aesthetic. The reason for this is that they are mostly treated as a luxury and not a necessity. Hence it is important to be eye-catching and beautiful to look at.

The showerheads are designed mostly in round or diagonal (Squared). The round ones usually tend to provide a more even flow of water whereas the square ones are considered aesthetic.


There are setups of showerheads that can at times be pricey; however, the simpler ones are less expensive although still a lot more expensive than the traditional showerheads. Price varies from $34 to $49 depending on the brand value and the features.

The price variation is noticeable following a few features such as that some are controlled by the temperature sensors while others are remotely controlled. Furthermore, there are designs that give a curtain-like effect of the LED and make the showerhead a little more expensive.

Final Thoughts 

It is important that you conduct detailed research to ensure that you purchase the right LED shower head for your needs and preferences. When it comes to shower heads, one of the most significant things to consider is quality. You should pay careful attention to what prior purchasers had to say about the products. As previously said, the general rule is that you normally get what you pay for.

As a result, throwing a dollar to save a couple bucks is not a good idea. And if you're on a tight budget, don't settle for the cheapest commodity just to save a few bucks by sacrificing convenience for price

 You must remember the long term, and a well-made shower head would do you well for several years. You should be well on your way to buying an LED shower head after reading the LED shower head reviews.

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