Best Meat Slicers for Home

Meat slicers aren't strictly for butchers and bakeries anymore. Hand slicing can be tedious job if you have a lot of vegetables or meat to slice. It's also difficult to maintain consistency with the slices. In all of these cases, a good slicer has to help you in all the ways you need.

They are available in both manual and electric models, which allow you to slice meat to the desired thickness. Go through this article to check out the 10 best meat slicers that will let you slice or grind the toughest meat at home.

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Meat Slicers Buying Guide

To get the best slicer, you need to know what features are essential to have.


Large cutting blades are better for frequent heavy duty uses that can cut food other than meat, like cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables. For grinding meat chunks, slicers with a smaller blade are ideal.

Cleaning is often easier for smaller blades. The small slicers usually come with blades that are 9 to 10 inches long. Heavy duty slicers will have 12 to 14 inches long blades.


The engine in your meat slicer determines how quickly it slices and how much pressure it exerts on a piece of meat. The power of a motor is usually expressed in horsepower. The more the horsepower, the better a slicer can be used. 


Most meat slicers have built-in protective features to protect you from cutting yourself. Meat slicers are strong machines, so it's worth testing to see if one has a protection option

Best Meat Slicers for Home




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Best Meat Slicers for Home

Chef's Choice

Made of stainless steel material

Weighs about 10.61 pounds

Both Structural parts of this tough slicer are made of stainless steel and recycled aluminum along with a metallic food pusher

A solid electric motor with a 120W output.

When the machine is not being operated, it is designed with a safety lock

Best Meat Slicers for Home

Elite Gourmet

Contains a blade measuring 7.5 inches that can slice meat precisely

The slicer is capable of slicing any food along with meat, like vegetables and bread

The thickness of the blade is adjustable

Made of stainless and rustproof aluminum

The blades are removable and easy to clean

Comes with a safety lock for times when the slicer is not being used

Best Meat Slicers for Home


Blades made of chromium plated steel, which makes them extremely sharp and can cut tough foods with ease

Comes with a safeguarding feature with its double illuminated switch that helps avoid electric shock

Can slice meat, fruits, vegetables, cheese and ham precisely

The package comes with two stones so you can sharpen the blades

Best Meat Slicers for Home

Cuisinart Kitchen Pro

Contains a removable stainless steel made cutting blade, of length 38 inches

There is a knob for adjusting the size of food, that allows to make paper thin slices as well as thick cubes

The appliance is durable due to its premium coated aluminum housing

All parts are removable for cleaning purpose

Best Meat Slicers for Home

VEVOR Commercial Deli

This slicer is small and lightweight, which can be carried anywhere

The blades can be relocated for more detailed cleaning

Just the right size to put on your kitchen counter, restaurant or coffee shop

The blades made of stainless steel are rust resistant and has a smooth edge for cutting. The slice thickness can be adjusted, from 0 to 17mm

Best Meat Slicers for Home


The sliding food carrier is made entirely of stainless steel

Motor is 180 watts and operates on 120 volts

Never submerge the motor in water

The big removable 8.7" serrated blade is made of hardened steel can accommodate a number of food shapes and sizes

Has a control knob of 9/6 inches that can be adjusted

Food press is made of cast aluminum

There are two levels of safety feature

Best Meat Slicers for Home


This slicer is provided by a belt driven 120 VAC electric motor of 150 Watt with a stainless steel blade of 9 inch

The appliance is made of quality coated stainless steel and cast aluminum as well as food-grade plastic and a rust-resistant stainless steel carriage board

The adjustable control knob allows you to slice meats from thin piece or thick cubes

Best Meat Slicers for Home


Contains an electric motor that has a 320 watt power output

The entire machine is made of hard cast aluminum and has a coat of Teflon blade

The slicing blade made of stainless steel measure 10 inches

It can cut food to fine slices of 0.4 inches

Approved by the CE, NSF and ETL

Best Meat Slicers for Home


Comes with a large food container coated with high quality steel and cast aluminum

Contains a cutting blade of 7.5 inches

It has  a power rating of 150 watts and is equipped with a cool running motor and a dependable smooth gear that can slice continuously

Best Meat Slicers for Home

Chefman Die-Cast

Thickness can be adjusted

The stainless steel made blade measures a length of 7.5 inches

Comes with a non slip foot, so the machine does not move which working

Small and saves space

1. Chef's Choice- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

Chef’s Choice slicer is a common home slicer but it could possibly do some small commercial use as well. This slicer is a great heavy duty but light cutter. It has outstanding interface features as well as sufficient power with control for both casual use and for serious chefs.


  • Has removable parts which are easy to clean
  • Comes with a powerful motor which can cut through tough meats
  • Has a large container for collecting sliced meat
  • Can be used not only to slice meat but any food
  • Durable and has a sleek design


  • Might require separate blades for those who prefers a non-jagged blade
  • Not suitable for thin slices

2. Elite Gourmet- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

The Elite Gourmet Platinum is a better value choice if you do not wish to spend too much money after a slicer. This slicer might not be the strongest option, but it can easily slice ham, salami, or turkey. You can also use it to cut fruits or vegetables, and even bread, just by adjusting the size of the blades. The rustproof aluminum blades assure you that your tough meat slicer can withstand any kind of abuse with ease.


  • Comes with a knob that lets you slice food to your desired sizes
  • The container that collects sliced food has a huge area so you can slice up all your food at once
  • Allows you to slice various types of food other than meat


  • Can be loud when in use
  • Does not come in multiple colors

3. BESWOOD- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

Though a bit pricey, the 240W electric motor that it comes with makes the Beswood Premium slicer a sturdy one. This appliance has a strong power output that allows you to slice semi frozen meat too. The entire machine is made of stainless steel along with aluminum, so you can be assured that it will last a long time.


  • Comes with an elegant design
  • The blades do not need to be sharpened frequently
  • Both interior and exterior is made of rustproof material
  • Cuts food swiftly and into thin slices


  • It is not lightweight
  • The removal of the blade can be a bit hectic
  • Might be a bit pricey

4. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro slices tough meat, bread, firm cheese right on top of your kitchen counter. After use, cleaning up the blades and containers that it comes with it can be done with ease, thanks to the removability of much of the slicer's main parts.


  • Comes with a strong, rustproof blade
  • The blades are tilted to slice food with ease
  • Budget friendly


  • The slicer tends to become a little heated after use, which limits the amount of food you can slice in a brief span of time.

5. VEVOR Commercial Deli- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

The VEVOR meat slicer has a fantastic blade and has enough power to use it efficiently.  You do not have to buy a separate tool for sharpening the blades, because it comes with some wet stones that make sharpening the blades simple. These wet stones can be operated by using a few buttons that simultaneously start sharpening both sides of blades.


  • Makes less noise due to its belted engine
  • Safe for hands
  • Allows you to slice foods into thin strips and also to thick cubes


  • Despite of being light and small, the entire machine is quite heavy

6. NESCO- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

NESCO slicers have one of the most powerful motors among the list so far. It even comes with a great blade with sharp polished edge that can slice through any type of food.


  • Contains a slicing guard which is thick enough to keep your hands safe from cuts
  • Comes with a power switch which prevents you from turning it on or off by mistake


  • Does not come with a wide range of blade shapes

7. Kitchener- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

Slicing meats, firm cheese, salami, or bread loaves will never seem easier or more enjoyable once you start using the Kitchener Meat Slicer. The things you will like the most about this slicer is its safety feature, the food pusher that lets you control how much food to slice. Even after these features, it is highly recommended that you use hand protection along with hair nets while working with the slicer.


  • Contains a feet made of suction cup that makes sure the machine does not move while working
  • The food pusher has strong teeth like tools
  • Has a belt driven electric motor
  • Makes low noise


  • Cannot slice huge amount of food at one time
  • The pusher might be a little weak

8. KWS MS-10NT- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

The KWS Premium is a non-sticky meat slicer that comes with all required tools needed to run the machine, which means you do not need to buy separate blades or containers to collect food. It is entirely made of stainless and durable material that is rust resistant, and can carry a good amount of food to be sliced at once.


  • Comes with a feature where noise and vibration are reduced, resulting in low levels of noise
  • Made of rustproof and corrosion free material


  • Not budget friendly
  • Not lightweight

9. F2C- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

The F2C is the best option for home and experienced chefs searching for new ways to cook menus, entertain at a low cost, manage servings, and consume freshly cut foods. This durable but elegant and finely styled meat slicer will be a fantastic choice for any pro cooker or for regular kitchen service, thanks to its slicing capacity.


  • Easy to clean and saves storage space
  • Saves energy
  • Durables and comes with a good price
  • Allows you to slice various size and shapes of food


  • Might be a bit bulky

10. Chefman Die-Cast- Best Meat Slicers for Home

Best Meat Slicers for Home

The Chefman Die-Cast meat slicer is a 180W kitchen gadget that makes cooking a breeze. It not only allows you to cut tough semi frozen meat, but you can also cut a slice from a firm cheese easily.


  • Lightweight and stays in place while in use
  • Allows you to cut various sizes of food
  • Better at slicing fruits and vegetables


  • Cleaning the machine can be a hassle

To Conclude

From the entire list, our recommendation would be the Chef's Choice Electric Meat Slicer. It manages to fit a lot of cutting strength into a compact and maneuverable machine. Whatever option you choose from the list, we are confident that you will appreciate the flexibility and reliability that a good meat slicer can carry to your next meal preparation. 

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