Best Oven Safe Skillets -

Best Oven Safe Skillets

At any point in time, a visit to the supermarket will show you a plethora of skillets. These are some of the most commonly used kitchen utensils in the world. So it would be no surprise if you suddenly need to get yourself one.

You might need a new skillet to replace the already existing one, or maybe your old one broke. Regardless of why, if you want to buy an oven safe skillet, look no further than our topic today – the best oven safe skillets in the market! 

Your trusty skillet is possibly an important part of your life. A lot of you use it very regularly, for making breakfast, such as frying eggs. Almost all skillets have various pros and cons to go through. Each of them are built differently, usually to serve different purposes. Worry no more as we will guide you through everything right here and now.

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Buying Guide

The factors that you should be taking into account before proceeding to buy a skillet are various. It can be significantly difficult for you as well if you are not someone who is familiar with purchasing kitchenware. Let us explore these factors thoroughly before we reveal our list.

Sticky vs. Non-sticky

With how far industrial advancements have come, the choice between stick and nonstick is very easy. The interior coating of a nonstick skillet is supposed to be of minimal friction. This means that foods will not be clinging and making a mess like they do in sticky pans.

Sauté and stir-frying are some examples that make stick pans hold on to the food even when you try to get it off. Nonstick therefore is the exact opposite, but there comes a price to pay with it.

Nonstick cooking surfaces tend to be less durable and more fragile. You also are restricted from putting nonstick skillets inside an oven. Heat levels going too high will break off and deteriorate the surface, and this can be toxic if inhaled or consumed.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel skillets are a type of frying pan that is built for endurance. They can withstand large amounts of heat and never stain from any kind of cooking material. Just as long as you make sure that you do not misuse or mistreat them, you can expect great service for them.

They are however; very much destructible if that is what you are trying to do. Highly acidic cleaning solutions will cause the surface to deteriorate in quality. Using harsh cleaning materials such as scrubbers with too many sharp edges will possibly damage them too. 

Heat-Resistant Lids

Heat resistant lids will prove to be useful for an oven safe skillet. Oven safe skillets must have lids that can resist heating a temperature of at least 400 degrees. Some lids may have plastic knobs, and this is far from ideal as they may not be compatible for super high temperatures like an oven’s inside.

A skillet with a phenolic knob can be a solution to this issue. Lids made of phenol can tolerate a temperature of at least 375 degrees and they are also extremely durable for most circumstances.

The Best Oven Safe Skillets in 2021

Let us take a look at the 9 best skillets in the market that are oven safe. All of these products are durable and quality. However, to take a look at what truly separates them from one another, read below.




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Best Oven Safe Skillets

Cuisinart 722-36H Chef's Classic

Durable pan, non-reactive at very high temperatures

Perfect heat distribution when put on stove

Easy to clean, no hassle required

Best Oven Safe Skillets

Bruntmor Cast Iron Skillet

Oven safe up to 500 degrees without any damage

Rim is curved to make it non spill

Very versatile for all kinds of cooking and frying

Best Oven Safe Skillets

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Extremely durable, can last for up to 10 years of life

Holder can tolerate up to 500 degrees of heat without damage

Not expensive, affordable and very much under the budget

Best Oven Safe Skillets

T-fal E93805 Professional

Interior is titanium nonstick, making it great for cooking

Indicator present to show when pre-heating is complete

Silicone handle for heat absorption up to 400 degrees

Best Oven Safe Skillets

Sky Light Skillet

Thermal conductivity is very quick and evenly distributed due to aluminum

Ceramic interior ensures that the pan does not raise after being heated

Washing and cleaning is easy and does not require any extra hassle

Best Oven Safe Skillets

Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet

Easy and safe to use, no hassle added from the box

Easy to clean and wash with mild soap

Excellent quality of nonstick surface making cooking easy

Best Oven Safe Skillets

All-Clad 6108SS Copper Core

Construction is 5 ply bonded.

Composed of aluminum, stainless steel and thick copper core

Stainless steel handle, contoured for comfortable grip

1.  Cuisinart 722-36H Chef's Classic- Best Oven Safe Skillets

Best Oven Safe Skillets

The interior of the Cuisinart 722-36H Chef's Classic skillet is stainless steel, so perfectly made that it can be used like a mirror. There is no risk of discoloring, staining, scratching or reaction from foods, unless misused.

Cast aluminum manages to handle the security needed to protect it from any such damage. The base heats very fast and spreads the heat so evenly, that even spots will not form.

Oven safe feature remains intact up to 550 degrees, which is probably much higher than the maximum temperature of your oven. The rim of the skillet is crafted to make sure spilling does not happen. Whether you want to brown or to fry, this is a great choice if you want a strong, durable skillet


  • Strong, durable material that remains unreactive upon cooking on it
  • Oven safe for up to 550 degrees and broiler safe as well, tolerant
  • Accessible, no detaching necessary and components are easy to clean


  • A bit larger than most other skillets, difficult to manage space for it

2.  Bruntmor Cast Iron Skillet- Best Oven Safe Skillets

Best Oven Safe Skillets

This 12 inch skillet is produced from cast iron and it is specifically made to meet all your kitchen requirements. The Bruntmor Cast Iron Skillet is great for baking, braising, browning or broiling.

It also may come handy for you in other scenarios that include frying, grilling or sauté. This is very much oven safe, and can tolerate a lot of heat compared to most other skillets on the market. This can be used for when you go camping in the wild, formal dinner preparation, or just at home.

If you are worried that something with so much versatility will be difficult to clean, worry no more. This is extremely easy to clean off from oils and other leftovers from cooking.


  • Oven safe heat possible for up to 500 degrees without any damage
  • Cast iron is durable and resistant to heat, guarantees longevity
  • Very versatile for usage, can be used for almost any cooking purpose


  • The coating on the pan surface can be easy to scratch when cleaning

3.  Lodge Cast Iron Skillet- Best Oven Safe Skillets

Best Oven Safe Skillets

Carrying the designs that carry what makes for a great cookware, the Lodge House brings you the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet! This contains quick and even heating.

This is the one of the best skillets for searing, baking, braising, broiling, frying and sautéing. This is an extremely tough and durable with a longevity of decades – perfect if you want to keep using for years.

The handle holder is silicone made which can tolerate up to 500 degrees and it is dishwasher safe. Flames do not catch on to it even if you tried! It is easy to wash by mild soap and it is highly recommended to not use any highly acidic cleaning solutions.


  • One of the most durable skillets in the market, virtually indestructible
  • Able to retain heat extremely well due to specially crafted interior surface
  • Not very expensive, one of the best for the budget and very long life


  • Seasoning is maintainable only with some extra maintenance and care

4.  T-fal E93805 Professional- Best Oven Safe Skillets

Best Oven Safe Skillets

With the T-fal E93805, you can get ready for any culinary adventure. The skillet has a Thermo Spot indicator to let you know when it is done pre-heating and ready for being cooked in.

The pattern in the center will turn into a red spot in solidity when it is ready to cook. Fast, even heating is provided with the cookware having heavy-gauge aluminum construction.

A silicone handle makes sure that the skillet can be touched even when the pan itself is hot. It is heat resistant up to 500 degrees. The skillet is oven safe up to 400 degrees and it also happens to be dishwasher safe


  • Titanium nonstick interior is durable and is intact after rigorous usages
  • Silicon handle is comfortable and heat resistant up to 500 degrees
  • Dish washer and oven safe; oven safe up to 400 degrees of temperature


  • Non flat surface can make it difficult to use for certain cases or situations

5. Sky Light Skillet- Best Oven Safe Skillets

Best Oven Safe Skillets

The Sky Light Skillet is made from aluminum of the highest quality, making it both durable yet lightweight. When cooking, you will find this skillet to be very easy to use due to the low weight it has.

Heat conduction happens evenly due to the high quality aluminum. Nonstick coating does not deteriorate over time and makes for a better cooking experience.

This skillet is very easy to clean and wash after cooking. Apply mild soaps and do not use any highly acidic cleaning solutions, as they may end up damaging it. It ships with a 1 year warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee in order to earn your trust.


  • Thermal conductivity is very quick and evenly distributed due to aluminum
  • Ceramic interior ensures that the pan does not raise after being heated
  • Washing and cleaning is easy and does not require any extra hassle


  • Heat tolerance is not as high as the others on this list, can be damaged

6. Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan

Best Oven Safe Skillets

The Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick is an 8 inch Skillet that delivers you quality. This heavy duty, hard- anodized construction is fit for making delicious meals of all kinds.

The nonstick quality is so good that it does not wear out even after hundreds of cooking sessions. This is perfect for preparing meals on the go and can be considered an asset in just about any kitchen. The frying pan delivers even heating in all areas of the interior surface.

Lastly, the grip is non-flammable and comfortable to touch for the user. The oven safe feature lets you place it into the oven up to 400 degrees without any consequences.


  • Nonstick quality of the highest quality makes it easy to use and durable
  • It can be used with other metal tools without fear of it heating them up
  • The price point for this is affordable and it is a great quality product for it


  • The nonstick will wear out eventually, more slowly than other skillets here

7.All-Clad 6108SS Copper Core-Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan

Best Oven Safe Skillets

Need to fry something? It does not matter if its meat, fish or potatoes. The All Clad 6108SS has got you covered on all grounds. This great piece of cookware is very responsive to heat and dispenses heat evenly.

This 8 inch skillet is great for a portable experience when you need to cook or fry something rather small in size. You do not need to whip out the large pieces of cookware you probably have got at home. Oven safe feature is available up to 600 degrees and it is very easy to clean.


  • Copper core is able to give the skillet excellent heat conduction evenly
  • The oven safe feature lets you use it in up to 600 degrees without damage
  • Cookware is easy to clean and has very durable build for better experience


  • Very expensive for the price range it is available in, not affordable for most

Final Thoughts

These were just our take on the best oven safe skillets in the market today. All the pans on this list are positively received, widely used, durable and oven safe. Go to the links provided under each if you want to get yourself one. We hope this has been able to help you buy an oven safe skillet.

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