Best Projectors under $400

Projectors are important devices for both personal and commercial uses. While it may sound like an easy task at first – buying a projector, there is more to it. There are many other features associated with a projector today that you should keep in mind.

Given that price is an important factor when you go for buying any kind of product, we want to keep things under a budget. Today, let us have a look at the best projectors available under $400 in the market!

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Buying Guide

There are many things to consider before you start shopping for a projector. Skimming through these is probably going to be a wise choice. It can save you some money in the end, which is something we all probably like.


What you will be doing with the projector is an important factor to consider before buying one. You do not want to use the same projector in all situations.

Some projectors are better for watching movies on, while others provide better accessibility such as zooming and tilting the screen. So consider this first, as it will help you get the optimum results from your projector.  

Throw Ratio

All projectors have a “throw ratio” that should peak your concern. What it determines is the ratio of the image size to the distance. This is an easy calculation, where you simply divide or multiply with a particular number. Let us look at an example below.

An image size of 2 meters and distance back of 3 meters is given to you. In this case, the throw ratio, T is the dividend of the distance back, D, divided by image size (S). Therefore, it’s 1.42.


Getting a projector under your budget with the best resolution is going to be important. 1080p monitors used to be supreme in the market just a few years ago.

However, the market is crammed with projectors with much better resolutions. 1080p is going to seem like a joke today if your budget is under $400. Resolution is important for when you want to zoom in and have clarity of picture in larger aspect ratios.


Projector brightness refers to the amount of light that is emitted, just to clear out any confusion. This is stated in the ANSI lumens, and while you may think so – this is not important.

However, you should still keep an eye on it, especially if you are going to be playing the projector in brightly lit rooms. In such a case, you need something that can adjust to the lighting. 

Aspect Ratio

You will probably have taken notice that the resolution is directly tied to the contrast ratio. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width in terms of the height of the image that is being projected.

Aspect ratio defines the shape of the image that is projected, the resolution is tells you the number of the pixels that are presented in that particular space. Take note of this, as the quality of visuals on projection highly depends on this factor.


This one may be the important factor for a lot of you. What kind of a input jack do you want for your projector. There are a lot of valid options, which we will be going through.

  • VGA

VGA is a 15 pin port, available on most PCs. This is an analogue connectivity setting and therefore of lower quality than current input types. However, due to convenience, it is still widely used for connecting PCs and projectors. This is available for most projectors, thus can be helpful. VGA cables are also much cheaper than HDMI, for your concern. Situations involving one time uses and budget constraints are best to get a VGA cable in. 

  • HDMI

HDMI is a modern piece of tech that combines high definition video and audio channels. It stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is somewhat considered as a standard for 

  • USB to PC-Display

Projectors with this feature make it easy to make presentations without a PC as a source. It collects the source straight from a USB flash drive and uses it to display the content on the projector output screen. This makes projection and presentation very easy by using a remote and without the need of a computer or laptop.

  • Wireless connection

Wireless connectivity can be achieved in projectors via LAN. This means you do not require a cable port or a cable for connecting your projector to the source. This makes the process even easier, and makes for a more convenient experience.

The Best Projectors under $400 in 2021

Here is a list of the best projectors you can find for $400 today. The list consists of projectors that are best in their specific categories.




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Best Projectors under $400

ViewSonic PA503W

Versatile projector with various connectivity options

Lamp life is long and significant

Cooling time is minimal and does not hamper your time

Best Projectors under $400

Optoma S341

Has good lamp life

Compatible with PC, Mac and SRGB

Mountable with walls and alike

Best Projectors under $400

ASUS ZenBeam S2

Portable and Compact for convenience

Long battery life, does not need power source unless charging

Affordable price makes it budget friendly

Best Projectors under $400

BenQ MW535A

Simple and easy to use

Has a very vivid color range to let you experience movies

Has fantastic text and font adjustment when displaying

Best Projectors under $400

Epson VS350

Multiple input options such as HDMI and VGA

3300 lumens lets it display great outputs

Great for presentations with focus on texts

Best Projectors under $400

Epson Home Cinema 660

Perfect for any seminars or classes

Can be operated from 19 feet away

Can generate image up to 300 inches

1.  ViewSonic PA503W- Best Projectors under $400

Best Projectors under $400

The ViewSonic 3800 Lumens is great for both professional and personal usage. This has all the features you may be looking for in a projector. It weighs a solid 2.2 kilograms and has a convenient quick feature that lets you turn it off quickly, without any cool downs.

If you are a teacher at a university and need regular presentations to your students, this is a great one for you. It is a 1920p HD resolution with a 15,000 hours lamp life. It also has a power cable, VGA cable and a remote controller that it ships with.

The throw ratio is 1.7:1 which makes it manageable for bigger rooms. This can support almost all media players such as PCs, smart phones and MacBooks.


  •  Versatile projector that lets you project in full HD (1920x1080)
  • Input latency is 16 milliseconds, making it very quick to operate
  • Color technology has a color wheel of 6 different segments each
  • A lamp life that stands at 15,000 hours, which is significantly good
  • Supports various connectivity including: HDMI, VGA, HDTV, etc.


  • You may want an extra speaker, the built in one may fall short
  • The default resolution is just 800 x 600, which is not standard

2.  Optoma S341- Best Projectors under $400

Best Projectors under $400

The Optoma is perfect for small classrooms and businesses. It has a 22000:1 contrast ratio, and it powered by 3500 lumens. The contrast ratio makes it one of the best in the budget, and one of its specialties is using a Blu-ray disc player as a source, to give 3D projection.

3D broadcasting, although not very popularly used yet, can be used in the current generation of gaming consoles. The lamp life of Optima is significantly higher which can save as much as 70% of power consumption. Its lamp life is 10,000 hours, which is quite a bit high for the budget. The edge mask feature is added to the Optoma S341 projector that removes jagged and soft edges, letting it maintain cohesion in images.

Connectivity media includes HDMI, VGA in/out and audio with composite videos.


  • Has a very good lamp life that provides you with a long service
  • Adjustable with walls, which makes it very easy to operate
  • Compatible with SRGB, PC and Mac


  • The fan is considerably loud due to it heating up from processing
  • Remote quality has issues, often showing input latency and lag

3.   ASUS ZenBeam S2- Best Projectors under $400

Best Projectors under $400

The Asus ZenBeam S2 is a great projector that comes in a compact size. It displays images at 720P with auto focus. It has a battery power source, which can keep it alive for about 3.5 hours of continuous activity.

The speakers are 2W and they are of Asus SonicMaster technology, ensuring quality delivery of sound. The product can prove to be very useful for on the go presentations. Installment of the projector is very easy as well, as there is no requirement for charging.

2D keystone correction makes sure that you get the best experience. This can be connected to your phone, laptop, gaming console, USB device and many more. It makes wireless mirroring easy and available.


  •  1280 x 720p projection with great NTSC color space coverages
  • Portable and compact, makes presentations on the go very easy
  • Long battery life, does not require charging when operating it
  • Price is affordable, for those who want to keep it financially feasible


  • The time for charging can be long, and battery emptying is troublesome

4.   BenQ MW535A- Best Projectors under $400

Best Projectors under $400

The BenQ MW53FA is a fantastic projector for your home and your office. This has a 15000:1 aspect ratio, which is very high for its size. It is also packed with 3600 ANSI Lumens. It has a wattage of 210 W, which is considerably high in terms of power consumption, but it can deliver.

It has a 30 bit display color, a resolution support of 1920 x 1200 and a keystone adjustment as well. Dual HDMI offers a flexible connectivity amongst other devices. Lamp life is up to 15,000 hours which can also save lamp power up to 70% using SmartEco mode.


  • Adjustable feet comes in three forms, for office and meeting rooms namely
  • Vertical keystone and 1.2x zoom will let you set up the projector very easily
  • 3 years of warranty and 2000 hours of lamp warranty for reliable purchase
  • Price is affordable, for those who want to keep it financially feasible


  • Bulb life is significantly short, will need replacement after a few months use

5.  Epson VS350- Best Projectors under $400

Best Projectors under $400

Epson VS350 is a simple, subtle projector that can pack a punch for its price. It has an exceptionally wide range of colors, even in well-lit rooms. With it being easy to set up, this is a very good option for you if you want to watch a movie on it at home.

It works with laptops and other media players that have HDMI, which is the standard for connectivity. The aspect ratio is 4:3, which is pretty decent for its size. Power consumption stands in at 295 watts. It is 3300 lumens and has buttons that lets you go to the money, alongside keystone correction buttons.


  • There are a wide number of input options, such as HDMI and VGA
  • Excellent for text-heavy presentations, focusing on colors and fonts
  • Brightness is 3x times brighter and 3x times wider in color gamut


  • Although flash drives are used, only 2GB is accessible by this device

6.  Epson Home Cinema 660- Best Projectors under $400

Best Projectors under $400

If you are looking to get a projector for adding to your home theater, then look no further. The Epson Home Cinema 660 has a contrast ratio of 15000:1 and a resolution of 800x600.

The native aspect ratio is 4:3 which gives great viewing and the audio noise is very minimal at 37.0 dB, for the best experience at home. There is a mechanical height adjustment as well to let you set it up as you want.


  • Lifespan of 6000 hours which can be added up with another 4000 hours
  • Power consumption is lower than other projectors at 210 W per hour
  • Infrared window at the front and back lets you use it sitting on back or front


  • Picture quality is not suitable for watching movies in the best quality

Final Thoughts

These were the best projectors in the market under $400 according to us. They are all user friendly, mostly compact and optimized for their purposes. Remember to clean and maintain your projector for the best life, and make sure its lens is always clean and clear. All of these will let your projector provide you with the best service for a long life!

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